COVID Update

Got COVID fatigue?  Tired of restrictions?  Tired of wearing a mask?  Tired of not being able to worship together?   You are not alone!  Lots of us are in the same boat.

Unfortunately, the virus is still with us, and very active right now.  We are experiencing a Fall Surge, with new cases equaling and sometimes exceeding the levels we saw during the summer.  It isn’t always possible to know who might be able to transmit the virus to others, as not everyone shows symptoms.  We do know that the virus spreads more readily indoors than outdoors.  

Those persons at WCF who are charged with making decisions about worship are taking all these things into consideration to keep us all as safe as possible.  For now, as long as the weather cooperates, we are safer outside.  

As we go forward, we will be guided by Governor’s Directives, guidance from our bishop, as well as the community situation.  Bishop Leland has directed us to love one another.  We want to love and care for one another, and keep all our loved ones as safe as we can.  God will be with us as we worship –  indoors, outdoors, or on YouTube!